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MVSE - "UNI VERSE" Remix Competition


MVSE has launched a new remix contest giving the chance of remixing two tracks: "Unbroken (feat. Luna)" and "Die In Your Arms". Winners will be a part ot the official remix package for UNI VERSE. Two winners will be selected, one for each song.

To enter the competition, join the MVSE Discord channel.

- Deadline is May 28th, 2021 (winners will be selected promptly after!)

- Submissions MUST be posted on the other channel #remix-post-here , and please submit via private soundcloud link (please enable download too!)

- ONLY use the other channel #remix-post-here to post the submission link, any feedback + commentary can be done in #remix-chat OR #production-chat (feel free to react to your favorite submission with emoji's, just no chat to prevent spam)

- Please do NOT circulate the remix stems outside of the discord channel, but encourage your friends to join the channel if they want the stems!

- Yes you can submit a remix for both tracks, they will listen to each and every remix submission

- If your remix isn't selected, you can still 100% post the track to Soundcloud/Audius (all that good stuff!). But do NOT post until the contest ends & after the winners are selected

Published on May 11th, 2021

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how to download


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how do we download contents

To enter the contest, you need to join the MVSE Discord channel. Click the "Go to contest page" button above and follow the instructions. If you don't have a Discord account you'll need to create one. 

Once you are in the Discord channel, go to #remix-rules-stems tab on the left and you'll find the links.

Hope this helps.

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