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Competition overview (Text by The Secret Games Company)

The Secret Games Company is seeking a talented composer to create a 45-60 minute soundtrack for £2,000 (and a credit in the game). They are running this competition to submit a single track of suitable music, we will pick a winner and then work with them on the full soundtrack.

"We believe the most suitable style would be instrumental world music, with predominantly Middle Eastern, African or Indian instruments. We would like the music to have an authentic feel, it doesn't need to sound like Bronze Age music, which was pretty rudimentary, but it shouldn't sound like contemporary music either. Please don't submit EDM.

The gameplay experience is fairly relaxed and the music should match this. The soundtrack should move between higher and lower energy phases but some parts can be very simple and quiet."

Published on Jul 2nd, 2020 in Producer Challenge
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The Secret Games Company


Jul 14th, 2020 (Closed)

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