Yoko Ono The Sun is Down Remix Contest Winners

The remix contest is now closed, and the winners have been announced!

The 20 prizewinning remixes of the THE SUN IS DOWN! remix competition are:
Bill Kates, Billy Martin, Damien Price, DJ Chernobyl, Jorge Artajo, King Louis & Mighty Jay, Konrad Behr, Mabarak, Madeon, Nick Vernier Band, Pedro Vainer, Posterboys, Rondo Brothers, Rumours of Whores, Ugh/Satanicpornocultshop, Shuji Nabara, Technobears, Tiger et Ghost, Vivada, and Whiton.

A big thankyou to over 200 remixers who took part.

Message from Yoko Ono Plastic Band:

Dear Friends

Thankyou all so much for the overwhelming response to the THE SUN IS DOWN! remix competition!
We were surprised that they were all of a very high standard, which we have not counted on.

We’ve now realized that we need more time in order to give a good listening to all of your remixes and arrive at a fair judgement. It’s kinda hard when they are all such great quality.

Therefore, we decided to give us more time, and the prizewinners will now be announced here on January 7th, 2010. This is the day of Nanakusa, an old Japanese tradition of the day we free ourselves from the past year.

A big thankyou to everyone who’s taken part.

Have the greatest holidays and a Happy New Year
Let’s make it a good one — without any fear.

lots of love,

yoko and

Listen the top 20 winners:


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