Winners of Fresh Meat "Nathan Drew Larsen" Remix Contest by FOEM

FOEM have announced the winners of their remix contest: Nathan Drew Larsen – “Fresh Meat”. The winners have been choosen directly by Nathan and Mazi from Fresh Meat Records!

We think the winners are great!

Thank you so much for putting this together. You guys did beautiful work and found us some lovely remixes to release on our label. It was fun to listen to the entries, there were many creative remixes. We appreciate all the time and energy put into this by the artists, musicians, and producers!

Wata is the winner for us because he slowed the tune down to 118 and then took the recordings and samples and used them in interesting jakin’ ways – the sax-like-dog got us jumpin! Best use of the 40 year old recording of dogs. It is heavy and house; we’re excited to have it on Fresh Meat. It will come out on the single in the next few weeks.

Pinto created the coolest track based on variations of the main groove and motif – it develops in a laid back way that we really like with its tracky vibe. It will come out on an upcoming “When Bad People Cook Good Food” Fresh Meat Records compilation album; volume 2 came out this week on Beatport.

We like the way that Arcangeli’s Jazzy Mix starts with a spaced out version of the main groove and develops into a full on early 90s piano house jam -he does it in a natural way, it is very nice. It is the most musical remix that still incorporates the tracky original.

1st Place Winner: Wata Kukrowa 1 Out of 9 Remix 2
Wins the release on the EP

2nd Place: Pinto Remix
Wins the release on the compilation

3rd Place: Arcangeli Jazzy Mix
Wins nothing but his track is damn good

More info in the FOEM’s forum

Congratulations to all of them!