Findremix & our main partner Prime Loops have joined efforts to do a great deal with all you guys giving away two copies of their brand new Drum & Bass sample pack created by legendary Bong-Ra named “Darkstep“.

How do I get it?

All you have to do is share this post on Facebook or RT this tweet on Twitter and you’ll have entered the draw!

Two lucky winners will be chosen by Monday, July 9th. Start spreading the word!
Winners announced, check it out!

“Darkstep” consists of an unsettling 200MB of one-shots, loops and effects which will leave you yearning for no more – because it’s all right there: Ballistic Drums, Percussion and Effects. Devastating Bass One-shots and Basslines. Twisted synth shots and hooks. Vicious Vocal Samples. And a whole number of other sonic weapons to make boom-boom in the most terrifying manner. Don’t laugh now and say have not been warned later!

“Darkstep” is the work of the legendary Bong-Ra, future-proof veteran producer of musical montrosities who has made his mark in an international scene nestled between Breakcore, Jungle, Hardcore, Metal, Dubstep, Hip Hop and other bass-laden sounds. Bong-Ra has created, produced, twisted and mastered each and every sample and loop contained exclusively for this Prime Loops collection – and “Darkstep” is offered to you without any royalties involved whatsoever.

Now you know the deal, good luck everyone!