Towards a Remix Workflow

I found this article in, an interesting site about remixer’s world.

Consider rethinking your notion of a remix

The word “remix” carries particular connotations. Most significant of which is the notion of a remix as merely a re-tooling of a static piece of music. That is, a remix is not itself a definitive work. Furthermore, the person constructing a remix is not usually viewed as taking on the role of a composer or songwriter, but rather that of a producer or arranger. Yet, in practice, a remix walks a fine line between orchestration and composition. Within the world of Remixin, each remixer is faced with first identifying how his or her work will be understood as a remix. Will the remix be a subtle manipulation or augmentation of the original material? Or, will the remix be a new piece derived from the original? All avenues are possible and potentially equally fruitful, and any particular remix need not view its source material as authoritative and static, but can instead view all successive sources as malleable.

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