I would like to clarify something which come up over and over again when moderating tracks on SoundCloud for our remix contests,  pushing me to block such tracks from the contest group.

Often I find out tracks available to download, private tracks, unnamed tracks… so what should it be?


  • Don’t enable file download. Perhaps you don’t get it if you share your harddisk on P2P…
  • Don’t make it private. Tracks should be listened by label & artist, not just by Findremix.
  • Don’t upload tracks before starting date. Judging phase starts after deadline.


  • Do read and follow rules of each contest you enter.
  • Do name your track properly. “Track Nº 2“… hugh?
  • Do have fun remixing!
  • Do share your sister’s pictures. Ups..

Authors won’t be noticed when blocking tracks from a contest group, so if yours has been banned just fix it and re submit it.

Here is a snapshot of how SoundCloud upload/edit page should looks:

SoundCloud settings

Hopefully it helps you out!
By Diego Iglesias