Smoothiesforme – “Forbidden” Remix ContestEndline: April 1st, 2012
Remix Contest by: Smoothiesforme
Genre: Indie
Status: Contest finished
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Contest details:

The winner will have their remix put on my next EP, will receive a signed copy of my album and a live Skype gig if they wish. My latest EP ‘New Beginnings’ has had over 1100 downloads which is rising every day, so it’s lots of great exposure!

BPM: 124
CHORD PROGRESSION (as far as I’m aware): VERSE: D, G, Bm, (chord of A, C#, D) CHORUS: Bm, (chord of A, C# D) , D, G


1. Download the stems from here: WAV FORMAT: MP3 FORMAT:

2. You can use as many stems as you wish (you don’t have to use them all) but there must be vocals included at some point.
3. Upload your remix to SoundCloud and add it to this group: Forbidden REMIX COMPETITION
4. In your description you must link to my Facebook page
5. Closing Date For Entries: Sunday 1st April 2012

Listen to the original mix:

Contest link: