remix contestEndline: March 08, 2011
Price: Free
Status: Contest finished on 08-03-2011.
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FOEM has launched the Robert Babicz remix contest, offering the parts of Remote Kiss as free download. You know the deal, remix it and get released on Babiczstyle Records besides two mastering services by Robert himself and SoundCloud premium accounts!

Here some details:

Babiczstyle has been launched by Robert as a platform for Robert to release some of the large archive of work that he has written for his live sets. “I see the label as a platform, where i release only my own music and collaborations. I do this to have a platform with the highest possible audio quality and have a place for me and my friends to release our music.” – Robert Babicz

As well as new material Babiczstyle also looks to the past releasing remastered gems never before available digitally. The first volume on Babiczstyle sees a coming together of old and new with 5 upfront tracks as well as 6 previously only available on vinyl as well as a new remix from US sensation Davi, we’ve also included 2 tracks from the first two singles and packaged these together as a compilation.

We have been receiving so many requests from people all over the world to remix ‘Remote Kiss’ that we’ve been looking for the right partner to work with and FOEM share the same collective & creative ideas to make this much more than your usual remix competition. The idea is that we can connect with like minded upcoming producers who will take Robert’s original and put their stamp on it, we want people to be as creative as possible. We aren’t looking for ‘Remote Kiss part 2,’ it doesn’t need to be a club version or a specific style, we’re looking for something really inspirational, we’re looking for someone else’s experience which we can get excited about and include on Robert Babicz Volume 2 which we will promote and release the middle of 2011 on Babiczstyle.

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