Dubstep Illusions Sample PackPrime Loops‘ latest cornucopia of loops and samples brings an endlessly pulsating flow of spaced-out, atmospheric and imaginative sounds that will leave a lasting impression with any dedicated bass-lobber between Shoreditch and Babylon: “Dubstep Illusions” has arrived!

From funky and light-hearted future garage vibes to mega-dark and deep to downright ball-breaking dub attacks, “Dubstep Illusions” has it all – but always, in every detail engineered to the ultra-modern, super-dope 24Bit sound quality one has come to expect from the house of Prime Loops – and needless to say, each and every sound and loop contained is 100% royalty free!

Need more details? Here we go: A stunning multitude of drum loops that bring out the best in any producer worth his dubplate vinyl. Tons of one-shot percussions, carrying endless possibilities of rhythm pattern tomfoolery. Endless arrays of shaker varieties that will make you want to move in an instant. Airy synth lines and pads, creating mysterious or hopeful vibes, piano loops, brightening up the most devastating riddim constructions, not to forget those ultra-low frequency bass loops that will have your tummy wobbling for hours on end.

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