Dirty South Wars 2 Sample PackThe Battle continues! With “Dirty South Wars 2“, PrimeLoops give you all the weapons you need to enter and win this second round of the ongoing fight for the sparkling crown of raunchy, smoked-out and rollin’ HipHop and R&B that comes right from the deep and dirty south.

These endless rounds of sonic ammo give your competitors a run for their rims. Inspired by Southern legends such as Rick Ross, Gucci Mane or Lil Jon, these ridiculously deep subsonic basslines, super-bad drum arrangements, mysteriously menacing synth lines and wicked vocal stabs are yours to cut up and use in whatever way suits your crusade.

“Dirty South Wars 2″ consists of ten red-hot full-length construction kits, ranging from 62 to 101 bpm, giving you the freedom to choose your tempo, providing you with endless rhythm opportunities and enhancing your production with an 900+ MB strong armoury of 24-bit quality samples and parts guaranteed to strike hard while keeping an ultra-smooth and super-slick profile.

And if that’s not enough to win you over, Prime Loops packs along a full crate of exclusive and easy-to-use Claps & Snares, Crashes & Cymbals, HiHats and Kicks for your personal manoeuvres in the territory of all things Southern – needless to say, each and every sound contained in “Dirty South Wars 2″ comes fully mastered and readily prepared for all major music soft- and hardware as well as 100% royalty-free.

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