Less is more with Prime Loops’ brand new deep urban sound collection Urban Echoez, a minimal take on the urban genre that reflects the ambient vibes of a late night sonic subway ride. Providing the soundtrack to a sleeping city, this sample pack fresh from the Prime Loops sound lab embraces the contemplative moods of urban life and combines modern flavours with timeless sensual twists.

Resonating the reticent vibes established by the likes of Drake, Trey Songz, Gang Colours, Jamie XX and Telepopmusik, the 545MB+ of loops in this pack contain all the elements required to provide an ambient score to city life. From the breezy, stirring synths and reverberating, ghostlike refrain of ‘Visions’ to the saturated syncopation of ‘In The Clouds’, “Urban Echoez” will infuse your tunes with the thoughtful, precious half-light of the waking sun. Experiment with layered synths over soft notes, and blurred beats that drift from fragile and fragmented to dramatic and dissident.

Each of these samples is exclusively mixed and arranged to provide an abundance of spacious and ponderous textures and atmospheres, coupled with the 24-bit high definition quality stamp of all Prime Loops audio. As ever, you can stretch and squeeze any loop included with this pack to match any tempo you desire, without losing any of the original quality. All of this is available to you 100% royalty free, avoiding any sample clearance hassle!

Download FREE demo: