Panther god remix contestEndline: January 01,2012 January 10,2012
Price: Free
Status: Contest finished on 11-01-2012.
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Circuitree Records returns with a new remix contest of Panther God. This time you got to remix “Pixel Lord” to win a release alongside Panther God and Mochipet.

Here the details:

Panther God’s new track “Pixel Lord” is a banger in every sense of the word.  Garnering props from some of the top producers on the planet, including Akira Kiteshi, Mochipet, and Sugarpill, this is the one that’s going to separate PG from the pack.  To celebrate it’s release (along with a few other gems) from the Avenger EP, dropping Jan. 24th, we have decided to give YOU a chance to get involved, and to get on a record with the legendary beatsmith Mochipet.

Listen to the original mix:

Contest link: