Notic Nastic Remix CompetitionEndline: October 31, 2009
Info, prizes & rules: here
Price: free/register needed
Status: Contest finished on 31-10-2009.
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New remix contest by Remix the track “Das Disk” by Notic Nastic and win a hummel tracksuite.

Here some details:

How to win:

Use these stems only for this contest. Publish your remix here. You are not allowed to publish/ post your remix or the stems anywhere else. Do no infringe anyone’s copyright: only use your own material for which you control all necessary copyrights. Notic Nastic & Stars and Heroes (and Stars-and-Heroes in G/S/A) remain the sole copyright owners of the stems and the song “Das Disk”, including all remixes. The winning track will be choosen by the artist-members themselves. The entrant with the most votes will not necessarily win this contest.

Listen the original at the tracksandfields site.
Prelisten the samples here:

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