Multipraktik Recordings presents Hubert Flow's "Bla Bla" Remix Contest Endline: October 01, 2009
Info, prizes & rules: here
Price: free
Status: Contest finished on 01-10-2009.
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New remix contest by Multiprakik Recordings. Here the details:

Artist: Hubert Flow (Poland)
Label: Multipraktik Recordings
Track: Bla Bla
Album: Before The Trip To The Black Hole
Max number of remixes per artist: 2
Number of winners: 2
Contest ends on: 01. October 2009.

01. Your remix will be released (digital) on a special E.P. consisting of remixes from Hubert Flow’s The Trip To The Hole album.
02. You will sign a contract with MTP and be credited with 100% royalties from net income sales of the track in all distributed digital online stores. (See the link below for the full list of online stores where we release music).
03. You will get a good promotion of your past and future work, and the remix itself on all our networking sites.
04. You will get an artist profile designed for our and your myspace profile + additional artworks made specifically for you by our design team.
05. Possible future releases on Multipraktik Recordings.


A great track is always welcome, no matter what genre it is and we endorse you to rip apart, twist, shout and take the original wherever you want. Be very creative. The only demand that we have is that the remix must be groovy, powerful, driving and very danceable.
We will select only tracks that are noticeably connected to the original. The original track has a simple, characteristic electro melody and a catchy, simple original vocal. Some small part of the vocal sample must be in the remix so it connects to the original. Also, you are free to add your own vocals but leave at least a small part of the Hubert vocal.
Be aware that we are interested in high quality production + creativity, so take your time and flame up your brain!

You will enter the contest by downloading the samples and leaving a comment with your artist name and myspace profile link on our myspace blog HERE .

All properly submitted remixes (except the winners) will be included into a big free download pack that will be promoted on our myspace profile. If you wish that your remix is not included in this pack, be sure to let us know.

Besides the samples from the contest, strictly use material that you created or have clear permission to use or the ones that are free and available in the public domain. Don’t use Hubert Flow’s samples in any of your other productions. If you want to, contact us and we will arrange that.


All downloadable samples and the original track are intellectual property of Multipraktik Recordings / Hubert Flow so don’t post and use them without permission. Contact us if you are interested in using the samples in your productions or posting this remix contest on your site.
Also, here is a youtube video of the original track so you can preview it.

Listen to the original mix: