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Some weeks ago we announced the winners of the Tommyboy Remix Contest organized by Findremix and Pornostar Records. This is the interview I made to the winner, Zack Marullo, who won a release on PornoStar and stuff by Propellerhead, Camel Audio and FabFilter:

Who is Zack Marullo?
This is one of my projects. I found myself in this name. I’m just a Hungarian DJ and producer from Europe.

When have you started with music production?
I’m Interested in producing. I had some projects in the early 90’s too with FT2, but my professional work started about 6 years ago.

What is your studio setup?
Mostly I use Ableton, but sometimes I work with others softwers, for example Cubase, FruityLoops and Logic.  I have a lot of vst from Native Instruments, Steinberg and TC, but I know the brands of Propeller Head yet. I have quite more samples too.

How do you get to know Findremix?
One of my friends advised it to me.

Do you think it is useful?
Yes, of course. I think , it’s a really cool thing. I like much more the prizes!

Have you entered other remix contests?
No, never, but I won a Hungarian DJ Championship 3 years ago.

What is your working method when starting a remix?
I wanted to make a track that sounds like this. I really liked these contest’s samples. I just wanted to make a seasonable clubsound.

Among other things, you have won a release on a top level house label. Is this your first release?
No, my first release was out in 2006, on Morrison’s Rec.  Since than I have some releases on the other labels.

Good luck in your music career, and keep producing good tracks!
Many thanks too and all the best for You!

Listen here the winner track!Tommyboy – Paradise House – Zack Marullo remix by zackmarullomusic

Connect with Zack:
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