Nick Dow

Selected among more than 300 tracks, Nick Dow won the Sébastien Léger Remix Contest run on Findremix and finished a couple of weeks ago. His track is going to be released on Mistakes Music, and he got great prizes from Propellerhead, SoundCloud, iZotope, Ohmforce, and PrimeLoops.

Here is a short interview:

Please, introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Nick Dow, I’m 21 years old and come from a little town in the Scottish Borders.

When have you started with music production?

I started producing music when my parents bought me an 8-track for my 16th birthday.  At first, I was recording songs that I had written on my guitar and any other instrument I could get my hands on. Then gradually, over the course of a few years I started getting into electronic music and began creating and composing sounds on my computer.

What is your studio setup?

My setup now is my MacBook, Apogee duet interface, Maudio BX8a monitors and a few microphones. The Sennheiser MKH40 is my weapon of choice for sampling sounds.  I luckily got it as a present from a friend who used to be a sound engineer; otherwise I definitely wouldn’t be able to afford it.  Software wise, I mainly just use Ableton and a couple of plug-in synths and samplers.

Do you play live or djing?

I have been DJ’ing my own music for the past couple of years and I just performed my first ever live set a few weeks ago.  I’ve wanted to play live for a long time, creating an exciting act to travel the world with has always been one of my dreams. I’ve only just set the wheels in motion so this is a very exciting time for me.

How do you get to know Findremix?
Do you think it is useful?

I found out about Findremix through a friend.  I think it’s a great way to get your music heard and also a great incentive to finish tracks.  You may be using someone else’s samples but your still getting to show your style and skills.  The best part about Findremix is that you get to hear producers from all around the world working with the same tools. I find it very interesting knowing what people are doing and how they are working with music.

Have you entered other remix contests?

Yeah, I entered the recent Broombeck contest that you guys held.  It was good fun so I wanted to try again.

What is your working method when starting a remix?

My working method when staring a remix is the same as when I start any other track, find/capture some sounds, play around with them and have some fun.  When doing the Majuro remix I spent a couple of days composing the track and then I left it.  A few of weeks later, realising it was really close to the deadline, I came back to the track and absolutely hated it.  With only two days left to submit my entry, I started again. I worked hard on it for about 18 hours solid and in that time I was just trying to be as creative as possible, almost doing the exact opposite of all my original ideas.  In the end I was happy but I felt like I had rushed the track and that in no-way would it be good enough to win.  I am still in shock about the final result of the competition.

Among other things, you have won a release on a top level trance label. Is this your first release?

Depending on when Mistakes decide to release the remix, this could well be my first release. I have another release scheduled for mid September so I’m not quite sure which one will come first.  Either way this will be my first remix release and I’m incredibly excited and honoured to have it on such a prestigious label.

Good luck in your music career, and keep producing good tracks!
Thank you very much! You will hopefully hear a lot more from me in the future.  This was an amazing opportunity and I would like to say a big thank you to Sébastien Léger, the rest of Mistakes Music, Findremix and the sponsors involved for making it happen.

Listen to the winner track:
Sébastian Léger – Majuro (Nick Dow Remix) by Nick Dow