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This Argentine young guy have reached 1st place on Cid Inc Remix Contest which was finished a month ago. That was the best contest until today with almost 100 remixes received, so Henri (Cid Inc) had to make a big effort to select the best one.

Juan have no studio, no big contacts…but talent! This is what we always look for on our contests: talented producers who work a lot on their remixes. Anyone can be the winner!

Read the full interview:

Who is Juan Deminicis?

I’m a guy who goes to school and make music with love (and ableton haha).

When have you started with music production?

I’ started to make music at 15 years old. Since very young I was influenced by great local DJs like Hernan Cattaneo, Martin García, Guille Quero, Deep Mariano, Big Fabio among others. That created different ways to feeling and seeing the electronic music.

What is your studio setup?

In fact, I don’t have a studio. I only make music at home with my PC, with no monitors or synthesizers. I think the set up of a producer is not such important, as long as having good ideas and much depends on passion you put into songs. Obviously it would be much better having the set up that I like, but for now my economy will not let me do that.

How do you get to know Findremix?

I heard about Finderemix with the Cid Inc’s remix contest. I didn’t know it before and I found it very useful. I think I will check it out weekly for news about competitions. Who knows, maybe I win another one!

Do you think it is useful?

As I said, YES, because every new producer can practice their performance to make such a good remix and also have the chance to win and grow up as an artist. Also it’s perfect for those producers who have been producing during years because they can win excellent rewards and stuff.

Have you entered other remix contests?

No, this is the first time I made a remix for a remix contest, and I’m really glad of it. I’ve remixed  great artists like Fady Ferraye, Nicholas Van Orton, Count Sinca, etc but remix an artist who makes bombs with each track he release like Cid Inc and win the contest, never!

What is your working method when starting a remix?

First I like to listen samples and see what I’ll use and what I won’t. Then try to deform to give a more personal tone, and the rest goes out alone. It may take a very different to the original track, this also depends very much on my mood and feeling at the begining.

Among other things, you have won a release on a top level progressive house label. Is this your first release?

No, it isn’t the first time I release my work on a major label; I also made a remix with my friend and partner, Pablo Acenso (2nd on the comp) called “Space cow” wich was licenced for the “Carl Cox GU38: Black Rock Desert” It was released by one of the biggest music label all should already know,”Global Underground”. Also one of my tracks called “Press Kit” was included in the “Global Dj Broadcast Top20 April” by Markus Schulz for Armada music. About the 1st place, it’s a good achievement and I’m very happy because Cid Inc is one of my favorite artists since he works in duo as Mashtronic

Good luck in your music career, and keep producing good tracks!

Thanks you for the opportunity and sorry about the language mistakes!

Listen the winner track:
Cid Inc. – Filaments (Juan Deminicis Remix) by juandeminicis

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