Aargus Interview

To give our winners a little bit exposure here on Findremix.com, I have decided to make him an little interview after each contest organized by us.
Here is the Aargus interview, winner of the Luca Ricci Remix Contest:

Who is Aargus?
My name is Csaba Farkas, I was born in 1986 in a small town in Baja, Hungary. My artist name is “Aargus” come from an old Cartoon :) I like the “old and real” progressive house, tribal artists for example: John Creamer & Stephane K, Lexicon Avenue, John Digweed and more…

When have you started with music production?
In 2003, one of my friend showed me a program, called Reason. That was the year when I started the music editing. I still use this program now and i also studying Ableton Live.

What is your studio setup?
I haven’t got studio :). I have only my “old” PC and my Sennheiser HD 215 Headphone. I create my musics in a small room. I have a planned studio, but now I haven’t got enough time and money to implement it.

How do you get to know Findremix?
I found it with a search engine, when searched among competitions.

Do you think it is useful?
Yes, i think it’s useful to us. We must work more harder to achieve thing, than professional artists and these sites are very helpful.

Have you entered other remix contests?
Yes, I’ve entered another competition before this, and they’ve chosen my track for release. This was the partly reason why I enter in your competition.

What is your working method when starting a remix?
I always start with writing the basics before everything else. After that I mix it with vocals and other elements until I get satisfying results. Finally I make it unique by adding a few custom effects to the vocal, and other parts of the music. Many times you can achieve great sounding with only a few, simple effects.

Among other things, you have won a release on a top level progressive house label. Is this your first release?
I’m glad about the prize and the release at the Aenaria Recordings, where many famous artists can be found. I think this is the next step on my musical career. This will be my second release. Previous to this AK-Tek Records released “Jey Fever & Lockheed – Weight (Aargus Remix)” on 26.07.2010.

Good luck in your music career, and keep producing good tracks!
Thanks for your wishes, I hope I will create more good tracks like this and work with great artists in the future. Would like to thank everybody who played part at the organization of the remix contest and supported this, in addition would like to thank for C4N and Sakic artists.

If you didn’t, listen the winner track:
Against The Grain – Seven (Aargus Remix) by Aargus