Image Line has released a new FL Studio 9.6 beta, including several addons and bugfixes, check out the previous video to see what’s new.

Here are some of them:

- PitCHER (Beta) – Pitch correction and harmonization plugin.
- Piano roll – Vertical zoom now possible & notes include properties view.
- Piano roll wave-display – Align notes to audio events.
- Magic lasso – Circle mouse around Notes or Clips to make a selection.
- Autosave / Autobackup – See F10 File options.
- Browser Autohide – See the Browser menu options.
- Lock Playlist tracks to clips – Right-click on Playlist tracks to lock and mimic Bock-tracks.
- Shift + Mouse Wheel – Move Channels, Mixer Tracks, Playlist Tracks & Patterns.
- Larger mixer view & waveform metering – The Mixer View options include ‘Wide tracks’ and ‘Waveforms’.
- Individually sizable tracks – Any or all Playlist tracks can now be resized by dragging on the divider between the name areas. Individual tracks can also be locked at a desired size.
- 64 bit plugin support – The Wrapper now automatically detects 64 bit plugins and opens them in 64 Bit ‘Bridged’ mode.
- Fully automatic PDC – The default for new projects, automatic Plugin Delay Compensation updates the PDC settings when changes are detected.

This beta can be downloaded from here and activated by every FLStudio owners.

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