helpful remix contests tips

I’ve been running remix contests on FindRemix for more than a year so it’s time to share some useful tips with everyone. These are to help you out when entering our remix contests. If you follow up these points exactly you will enjoy the experience of remixing, and have a better chance at reaching higher positions in the contest itself.

Read and follow rules carefully

This may be obvious, but many people just don’t read the rules! And in that we find mashups, un-cleared samples, and other forbidden parts. Please, take the time to go over the rules. Any and all questions will be answered in there.

Usually all genres are not welcome

Our contests usually offer a release on the label as the main prize, so if you would like it to be released you should look out for the label’s genre(s). That doesn’t mean you can’t be original, just take a look at the label’s back catalog and see what are they releasing.

Don’t send work in progress

This phrase has been repeated tons of times. Just finish up your remix!

Support other participants

Our contests are supported by hundreds of producers from all over the world. So, It’s a nice to have a chance to meet people like you! Comment, send messages, communicate with one another in a positive and constructive way, and maybe you’ll find some nice colaboration agreements or new opportunities come about. So be social!

Rome was not built in a day

Ok, you just found about a great new great contest. You downloaded the parts, hopped on your DAW and quickly created a remix, all in one day! That’s amazing, but remember there is plenty of time to submit it. We usually run competitions with a duration of a month or more. Review your remix before submitting it… There’s always room for improvement.

Don’t copy the original mix

Be original, It’s boring listening to a remix that sounds about the same as every other song out there. Bring fresh new sounds to the table, and make it your own! Experiment with whatever you use and have at your fingertips.

Play the right key & tempo!

A track in the wrong key, wrong element, or a different tempo is automatically out. Take care of it!

Don’t worry too much about mastering

Focus on your track’s feeling, and create a great piece of music. If it sounds good and expresses something, be proud of it! Don’t forge something you don’t feel. Mastering can be done later, just create a good mix!

What do you think about these tips? Is there anything anybody would like to add?

Thanks to Ray Andrade for the corrections ;)

By Diego Iglesias