After some differences with label System Recordings, techno master Chris Cowie is offering his amazing album “Best Behaviour” at Bandcamp by the price as you wish!

Until the release of ‘Best Behaviour’, Chris Cowie had already been pumping out many great dance tracks through his Hook and Bellboy labels under aliases such as Vegas Soul, X-Cabs, Scan Carriers, Bulkhead and Landlord. One notable supporter of his sound was legendary BBC Radio One DJ John Peel who aired many Bellboy releases on his show.

With the release of ‘Best Behaviour’ in 2001, Cowie stepped out of anonymity. The double album was listed at #5 as best album of the year by Muzik Magazine (UK) in company with the Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk.

Preview “Best Behaviour” by Chris Cowie:

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