Funkagenda remix contestEndline: October 31, 2011
Price: Free
Status: Contest finished on 31-10-2011.
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Funkagenda (Funk Farm, Toolroom…) has launched an interesting competition combining remix and dj competition. Winner will get released his remix on Funk Farm and will DJ with him at UK or US! What are you wating for? Join in now!

Here the details:

So we all know that remix competition’s are ten a penny these days. I’ve been asked many times if I would run one but it just seemed a little cliche. Then I had a brainwave. What about a combined DJ + Remix comp? Because if I am going to choose a winner, I want to find somebody who has the whole package. Somebody who can not only produce, but also mix and program a quality, evolving set…

So I came up with this competition. Its simple. You download the parts for FREE (That’s right, I am not charging you for them). Then remix the track in whatever style you like. Finally submit the track to me, in a zipped archive, with a 1hr mix that also contains your remix, and that’s it!


The prize will be a release of their remix on Funk Farm and the chance to DJ with me at a Funk Farm party either in the UK or in the US.


Some key points you should probably know:


1. I will be judging the entries myself. They will be picked on merit alone. No amount of public support will aid you.
2. Make your DJ mix clever. If you submit a mix containing an hour of hits, I can almost guarantee you will not win.
3. I must pick your mix AND your track in order for you to win. One or the other will not suffice.
4. If you DO win + start playing like a cunt at the gig I will kick your ass off the decks. End of story.

Listen to the original mix:

Contest link:

Funkagenda remix contest