Fugleskremse remix competitionEndline: July 01, 2011
Price: Free
Status: Contest finished on 01-07-2011.
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New remix contest by KEN Records. The original mix is not yet released and is called “Fugleskremsel”. Winner will see his remix uploaded for sale at iTunes, Juno, Amazon, Spotify and more digital stores.

Here the details:

Our last remix competition was a big hit, so many interesting contributions shows us that there is so much talent out there just waiting to be discovered. The last “Filthy disco” remix competition, original by KenTwist is out on all major digital records stores:
iTunes // Spotify // Junodownload // Amazon // 7Digital // DeezerSo without firther adue here is the next Remix Competition on KEN Records. “Fugleskremsel” is the name of the song and it´s a norweegian word that means scarecrow. The Original is not yet released and will be released as soon as the winners are set for the remix.
We’re looking for all styles from House through Electro, Disco, nuDisco, we´re also open for other styles if their amazing!
The Prize is having your remix uploaded for sale at iTunes, Juno, Amazon, Spotify and loads of other popular online record shops. So if you want to be involved in the next release and see your remix being released then grab the parts and get remixing!

Please register your email on our remix-alert form to get an email as soon as the next remix competition is out.

Good Luck!

The original mix is not released yet.

Contest link: http://kenrecords.com/2011/05/fugleskremsel-remix-competition/