Free vs charged remix contestsI would like to dedicate this post to raise one topic which lately seems to be popular among the organizers of remix contests: to charge for downloading the stems.

First of all, I must say that I have no clear opinion on whether this practice is correct or not,so I’ll explain my points.

Arguably, the organizing company is “taking advantage” of the illusion of the producers involved, forced to spend X dollars to download the stems, so in this way, they make publicity, make money and earn reputation by organizing a competition with a “big star”.

On the other hand, they are offering the chance to remix top artists, which might be impossible for the vast majority of the participants. The Black Eyed Peas, Depeche Mode, Tiësto…Does anyone imagine reach agreement to make a remix of a track of them? What contacts should have to carry it out? Thanks to this type of competition, for a few dollars we are in, and with hard work and luck,we emphasize and win the contest. And most important: our work will be heard by the right people.
Another point:

If I have to spend some money, I’ll work hard for sure

So the organizer should receive qualify remixes…shouldn’t they?

However, producers have the ultimate decision, who must choose whether to charge or not their money.

Another issue is the voting system, which I will discuss in future posts, and which I have a clear opinion: the winner must required to be selected by the organizing company, the label or the artist. Forget popular requests, SMS, or anything else.

What is your opinion? Let’s continue the discussion in the comments!