Keeping our whishes to contribute to the producer and dj community, we decided to begin releasing interesting free sample packs of electronic music made by young and promising artits.

First free sample pack has been created exclusively to by AGM & QÜINTRIX artists in fourRoads studio, Galicia (Spain). They are two great Spanish producers and djs who have been working a lot these latest years, producing pretty good music and getting quite good recognition. They love techno, tech-house and progressive house and their live performance is fresh and solid.


Actually there are some of the loops and sounds they play live, that means there is a lot of work behind, so show them some love!

Sample pack is kinda techno style, but also works for tech-house, progressive, etc organized in folders of WAV files:

- BASS (8 files)
- DRUM (10 files)
- FX (11 files)
- HAT (19 files)
- KICK (10 files)
- RHYTHM (46 files)
- TONAL (9 files)


This file is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Licencia de Creative Commons

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