Florian Meindl Remix Contest by Berlin Mitte Institut and Flash RecordingsEndline: March 22, 2010
Info, prizes & rules: here
Price: Free
Status: Winners announced!
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New remix contest by Berlin Mitte Institut and Flash Recordings. During the two 4 hour WebTV shows, Florian Meindl produced live a track called “The way it took us” and now it’s available to remix. The best tracks will be released on Flash Recordings (maybe on vinyl!). Good luck to everyone!

Here is an extract of the details:

Hello everybody, just as promised we are adding a remix competion to the track, which Florian Meindl produced live during two 4 hour lasting WebTV shows @ Berlin Mitte Institut. In his early production time Florian used to be a big fan of these remix competitions too, so he is very happy to host one with us. The two best remixes (or even more, if there are really good ones) will be released on FLASH Recordings together with the original, maybe even as a 12? vinyl release. Depends on the quality of the remixes.

The judging jury will consist of Florian Meindl, Kandel and Fresh Meat. Florian will be the uber-decider. Let your creativity flow, for us it does not matter which genres it will be or even more experimental. Can be a groovy clubtrack, or listening only. We dont care, we want good music !

Listen the original mix:

Contest link: http://www.berlin-mitte-institut.de/remixcontest-florian-meindl-22nd-february-22nd-march-2010/
Update: Winners announced!

Florian Meindl Remix Contest by Berlin Mitte Institut and Flash Recordings