FetOo – “Random Travel” Remix ContestEndline: February 23rd, 2012
Remix Contest by: FetOo, Jet Set Trash, Metalectro
Genre: Electro
Status: Contest finished
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Contest details:

Hell_(o)_ remixers ///

FetOo in collaboration with Jet Set Trash and Metalectro (http://www.metalectro-music.com) bring you the “Random Travel” remix competition /// “Random Travel” will be released on Jet Set Trash on FetOo’s “Random Travel” EP, featuring 3 original tracks and remixes by DAVE SCORP, 1ino1eum, Silent H! and Rubber Spanner ///

/// Prizes ///

1 winning remix out of this competition will be featured on the “Random Travel” EP to be released on Jet Set Trash Records ///

Also, the winner of the competition will be considered for an EP release on Jet Set Trash during 2012 ///

/// Rules ///

The DEADLINE for all submissions is the 23rd of February 2012 ///

1 track per artist, no restrictions on style ///

NO PREVIEWS will be accepted in the group, submit only finished tracks please ///

Please DO NOT enable the free download on your tracks until the results of the competition have been announced or the track will not be a valid entry ///

The results will be announced on the Jet Set Trash site (http://www.jet-set-trash.com) and Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/JetSetTrashRecords), as well as on the Metalectro blog (http://www.metalectro-music.com) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/metalectro) late February – early March ///

ALL tracks should be TITLED as shown below:

FetOo – Random Travel (Artist Name Remix) [Remix Competition]

Last but not least, please make sure to ADD YOUR EMAIL IN THE TRACK DESCRIPTION so we can contact you AND A LINK TO THIS COMPETITION ///

You can download the STEMS here: http://bit.ly/xyNR7q and you can LISTEN TO THE ORIGINAL MIX of “Random Travel” here: FetOo – Random Travel [REMIX COMPETITION - LINKS IN DESCRIPTION] by FetOo

On behalf of FetOo, Jet Set Trash and Metalectro (http://www.metalectro-music.com) we wish you all good luck ///

Have fun & be creative /// We wanna hear what you got to say /// You may now begin ///_(o)_

Listen to the original mix:

Contest link: