Dualtec – “Mokum” Remix ContestEndline: February 25th, 2012
Remix Contest by: Different is Different Records
Genre: Techno House
Status: Contest finished
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Contest details:

When Ray Taff and Colman Buckley (Dualtec) sent me their track ‘Mokum’, I instantly knew it was a dance floor monster hit. So, I thought I had do something more than just release it, that’s why this remix contest has been created.

You can now be part of this upcoming release: download the parts, read the instructions below, and create your repaint of this marvelous techno track.

The Prize:

  • You get to release your remix along with the original tracks of the EP, and Drumcomplex’ remix.
  • You get to release your own EP at Different Is Different Records in the near future.

The Rules:

  • Remix style must be techno, and techno only. Please listen to our releases to get an idea of our sound.
  • Your remix must contain at least ONE recognizable part of the original, preferably sample #7. ‘Lead Flat’
  • You must submit your remix via our remix contest dropbox that you will find below
  • Use this image when you upload your remix to our dropbox
  • You can submit more than one remix if you like
  • Send a mastered copy of your track on 16bit / 44 kHz lossless .wav or .aiff format
  • Keep an unmastered copy in 24bit / 44 kHz lossless .wav or .aiff format, with enough headroom (-6dB) for us to master
  • Do not send work in progress or unfinished remixes
  • Remix parts are copyright of Different Is Different Records, that means, they can only be used for this contest only.

The Schedule:

  • Remix competition begins tuesday january 24th
  • Submissions will closed on saturday februrary 25th
  • Winner will be chosen on february 26th

Listen to the original mix:

Contest link: http://www.didrec.com/2012/01/24/mokum-remix-contest/