David Starfire Remix Contest by Six Degrees RecordsEndline: February 22, 2010
Info, prizes & rules: here
Price: Free/Register needed
Status: Contest finished on 22-02-2010.
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remix contest direct link (You should use ONLY the included stems)

Six Degrees Records and Puremagnetik are running a remix contest, but this is a special one. The stems are packed in an Ableton Live Pack and you should only use these samples.

Here the details:

About David Starfire

David Starfire is one of those artists – the kind that every musician secretly wishes he could be: a fluent player of multiple instruments; a DJ who has gigged at Coachella, Burning Man, Shambhala, Love Parade, Winter Music Conference and other A-list festivals; a songwriter who has collaborated with the likes of FreQ Nasty, MC 900 Ft Jesus, Wire Train, and American Music Club; a soundtrack artist who has been called upon by Fox, ESPN2, Fox Sports, MTV, and HBO.

So what does a guy with this kind of talent (and this kind of schedule) do when he has the time to make music under his own name? He takes elements of electronica, funk, dubstep, dancehall, hip hop and – most prominently – classical and devotional Indian music and simmers them all down until they are rendered into something both familiar and utterly unique: a world-electro fusion that nods to the Asian Underground movement and neo-bhangra while ultimately sounding like nothing except David Starfire.


1) Login (if you haven’t already) and download the Live Pack by clicking the “Download” link above.

2) The .zip file contains a .alp Ableton Live Pack. Either double click the Live Pack or drag it to your Ableton Live 8 session.

3) Ableton Live will prompt you to extract the Live Pack to a location of your choosing.

4) Once extracted, find the Live Pack and open the David Starfire Remix session file.

5) The David Starfire Remix session contains all of the original stems for the remix.

6) All of the additional Puremagnetik content can be found in the “Puremagnetik Instruments” folder.

7) Use ONLY the included stems and Puremagnetik content. Submissions using uncleared content will be automatically disqualified.

8) You don’t have to use all of the stems, but it is recommended that you do use some of them.

9) When you are finished, bounce a 320kbs mp3 file and upload it to the contest’s SoundCloud account by clicking below.

Entries must be submitted by 12am Monday February 22nd. Winners will be announced Friday March 12th. All remixes will be judged by Six Degrees Records.

Listen the original mix:
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Contest link: http://www.puremagnetik.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=273