Remix Competition 2010

We are very proud to be announcing the three winners for the Cid Inc Remix Contest! After a month of competition we have received 110 great remixes, many of them with high quality so I would really like to thank everyone who have join in. Keep it up!

As I had announced Henri made a preselection of the 10 best remixes for listening in his studio, and then he picked up 3 for the final decision. Actually he will feature all three on the release!

The winners are…

1. Juan Deminicis


2. Pablo Acenso


3. Denis Kayron



We also would like to make a special mention of some other cool tracks (in no particular order):

Cid Inc – Filaments (AudioJackerz Remix) by Tobias (AudioJackerz)
Cid Inc. – Filaments (Rikesto Remix) by Rikesto
Cid Inc – Filaments (GabrielSlick Remix) by GabrielSlick
Cid Inc – Filaments (Weepee Remix) by weepee
Cid Inc – Filaments – Hyline & Jaybeetrax Remix by Hyline

For the rest of the participants, keep sending quality stuff! Hope to see you here next time!

Thanks to the sponsors!

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