Afrojack Remix ContestEndline: July 04, 2011
Price: Charged ($3.49 USD)
Status: Contest finished on 04-07-2011.
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Beatport keeps doing things right and just started a new free remix contest. This time the artists featured are Afrojack & Quintino which are offering you to buy the parts of their ultra-noncomercial-hit Selecta to win some stuff. Start calling all your friends to spin that tracks!

Here the details:

Come on, selecta! We’ve lined up a new remix contest, and if you like it buzzing, banging, and a little bit rude, it’s going to be right up your alley.

The track you’ll be remixing is Afrojack and Quintino‘s ”Selecta”—a supersized electro-house anthem brimming with a squealing lead, blissed-out chord stabs, and a breakdown that’s so mental, the record ought to come with a straightjacket. Throw in the dancehall sample of the title, and you’ve got a massive, massive tune—and the makings of a potentially enormous remix.

The track itself came out of a late night collaboration, according to Afrojack and Quintino. “Quintino and I have known each other since way back, when we were hustling small clubs and trying to get noticed as DJs,” says Afrojack. “We felt like hooking up and decided on trying to create a track that would be a strong energetic floor-filler with a touch of the music we used to make and play when we started out as DJs and producers. One night without sleep, and we were done.” Says Quintino: “It all started when we were in the studio chilling, drinkin’ too much Red Bull and making a beat…all of a sudden we were screaming ‘SELECTA’ and a new track was born. Happy faces all over the place! LLLOOOLLLLLLLL :D”

“We both look forward to hearing how other people see and feel our music, so we are really anxious to see how they remix our work!” says Afrojack.

For those ready to step up to the challenge, the stakes are high. To begin with, the winning remix will be released on Wall Recordings—a mouthwatering reward all on its own. The producer of the winning remix also takes home a deluxe prize package including Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro; an online music-production course from Dubspot (choice of one of the following: Mixing and Mastering, Sound Design & Synthesis, Logic, or Ableton Live—a value of $2495); $200 in Beatport credit; and Sounds To Sample’s Elements Library.


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