Another excellent videotutorial by Tom Cosm. This time you will learn the basics to write beats from scratch on Ableton Live.

And here an explanation by Tom Cosm:

This is part 1 of a 10 hour long high definition tutorial video series on how to write electronic music, from scratch!

All aspects are covered…. basic and advanced synthesis… sampling… progression… mixing… everything is explained in depth as I construct a tune while you watch. I talk to you like your sitting next to me, thinking out loud, cracking jokes and moving at the right pace, rather than focusing on boring shit.
My goal is to get you producing good music as fast as possible.

I’ve been performing electronic music around the world for years, and have much experience in production and the electronic music industry, I’m not just some guy who knows how to use a computer.
The rest of this series is available to special members of my personal website, you can check it out here.