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As you probably already notice, the iPad is making a lot of noise in music industry, specially in Djs and producers’ scene. For just USD$500 you have in your hands a multitouch gadget with thousands of applications. Among them, in addition to standalone music software, we find standard midi controller iPad apps but tactil and wireless!

One of my biggest doubts about buying an iPad was the response, does it lag? I must tell you that there isn’t much delay or similar issues (you should set up an AdHoc network, but even over Wifi is acceptable) So after a month playing with it, I would like to share those which I think are the 4 best midi controller apps, all of them Windows/Mac compatible:

4- AC-7 Pro

ipad music app

Available for Digital Performer, Cubase, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Reaper, Ableton Live and more, control transport, levels, sends, eq, plugins etc.

Price: $9.99 buy it!
Website: http://www.saitarasoftware.com

3- Midipad

ipad music app

Midipad isn’t officialy released yet but I have a lot expectations about it, can control host-applications like Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo, Ableton Live etc. and looks like a beautiful and simple layout, with five useful views: studio, launch, dj, fx and keys.

Price: Comming soon
Website: http://www.midipad.de

2- TouchOsc

ipad music app

Create your own layouts of midi controllers! It includes an editor to add faders, rotary controls, push & toggle buttons, XY pads and more. Perhaps the most dificult to set up, but it’s worth it!

Price: $4.99 buy it!
Website: http://hexler.net/software/touchosc

1- touchAble

ipad music app

Even being Live only, this is my favourite musc app for iPad. Control everything on Ableton Live: launch and record clips, control transport, faders, plugin parameters, etc. Also navigate around your live set with your finger and see instantly every change you make like clip names, track updates, etc.

User community is very dynamic and all new ideas or suggestions are very well listened. Check it out:

Price: $16,99 buy it!
Website: http://www.touch-able.com/

What are your favourite apps for iPad? Share it on the comments!

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