After nearly twenty years on music industry and more than 300 releases behind him, Spanish producer and DJ Dr. Kucho! has the privilege to say whatever he wants… and we love that! Nowadays honesty is often missing, so enjoy the article and don’t hesitate to leave your comments.

1- The big difference on the perception of DJ skills between any average DJ and a superstar DJ is the amount of marketing that comes with each one.

2- The popularity of a club is inversely proportional to the fee they pay to the djs they book.

3- Previous point reaches its maximum value on Ibiza and Miami where automatically the dj fee equals to zero, they don’t even pay the flight nor hotel..!!!

4- On the case of Djs who does not invest insane amount of money on marketing, the amount of gigs they got is not directly proportional to their success nor talent, but inversely proportional to their DJ fee.

5- There are two kinds of big labels:

  • The ones that are big not because they know a lot about music, but because they know a lot about how to make money with “music”.
  • The ones that are big not because they release good music only , but because they release a lot of music.

6- If you see a DJ in a magazine cover , it does not mean he is the man of the moment, it means he is the customer of the moment.

7- Dj magazines won’t publish what is important or actual, they publish

  • News that come already redacted by the source (djs, manager, promoters etc).
  • News that come with a check to the name of the magazine.
  • News about the dj who has the best blowing skills.

8- The more civilized and modern is a country, the more corruption in the music business it has, so the less you should believe on what the media says, or what the radio plays.

9- The compilations including the words “Ibiza” or “Miami” in their title, are composed by tracks that have never and will never be played on Ibiza or Miami.

10- Artists who always say positive stuff does not mean they are in peace with the universe (who can be in peace with the amount of bullshit we have to deal with?), means they don’t tell you what is wrong cause they think is negative for their image.

Thanks for reading and before hating think about Mr Harry S truman said “I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.”