Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest 10 Tips For Make A Hit

Here it is another article of our music production series, today we feature 10 Tips For Make a Hit by Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest (Sony, Universal, Strictly Rhythm, Subliminal, Juicy Music, Defected, Stealth and Ministry of Sound). Remember to share your thoughts leaving a comment.

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When we decide to make a crossover record we always approach the record with the view that first and foremost we must make a big hit. Of course as the studio session goes on then we find ourselves working towards this but to begin with better to let the creativity be free to work in the session.


We usually listen to all top 100 billboard songs as a way of research to help us understand what the market is interested in at that time. After a big hit you often find periods of the same style and similarity in songs where everybody is trying to copy that particular sound, this is wrong of course. We use this method more of a way to feel the market and help us create something fresh and different.


We usually work separately in the studio in order to capture of our own feelings in the music, this is because we both come from different cultures; Steve comes from a more electronic background, Nicola comes more from a background of radio and crossover. Once our ideas are down we then come together towards the end to fine tune these ideas and the overall production.


We believe it is important is to create good energy and believe in the project you’re working on. We find that sometimes its good to get in the studio and work after a few drinks or after a great night in the club; when ideas are really flowing high.


No hit is complete without a music video. If you’re doing it yourself then be creative and come up with some original, as you’ve done with your music. The internet is a great place to reach fans and expose your music to new audiences, use it!


Because we are a duo it is important for us to work as one mind when it comes to the final edit of the record. So knowing your studio partner, if you work with one, is vital to the final version of any record. We believe are creativity is like one brain with one set of emotions creating the perfect combination.


Something often overlooked by producers but for us we count the deliver and promotion of the record as important as the creation of it. This is why we run our own label Jolly Roger – Sound of Pirates, so that we can oversee the release and marketing.


Usually we start from instrumental track and then try to make it into a strong club track. This was the same story of what happened with ’75 Brazil Street’ which was a big club track, which Pitbull heard numerous times and loved it and decided to rap on it and well the rest is history.


Our goal is to never lose creativity so it is important that whenever we finish a track we start another one as early as possible to lay down any ideas we might have bubbling away. Don’t get discouraged that the project might won’t work, just put your ideas down and get to work. Music is also about timing, luck and destiny so the main rule is to make track after track without ever losing the positivity that goes into your sound.


Not really a music tip as such, more a life goal but try not to let it bother you too much. Appreciate what you have, enjoy life and those around you. Positive thinking brings with it positive results.

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