10 Music Production Tips & Tricks1. Don’t stop the creative process
If you’re getting the ideas flowing, forget the  “technical” part (sound, eq, etc), just don’t stop. You could fix the mix later, but that melody may not return again…

2. Use less sounds
The more sounds you have the harder it’s to mix. It’s always better to have 4 sounds well mixed that 20 to sound bad.

3. No effects in the master channel
Try not to put FX on the master channel. You better make groups and put FX to them.

4. Mix under 6dB
So you avoid saturation and also help the mastering process.

5. Take a rest periodically
Your ears will thank you! and sure you find something to fix after a little rest.

6. Sometimes turn the volume down
Also helps to fix some mix issues, especially the volume differences between elements.

7. Compare your sound with Pro tracks
Feel free to periodically compare the sound of your track sound with a professional one. Sure it helps to find out possible mistakes.

8. Always remove useless frequencies
Each sound must have its place in the mix, and therefore shouldn’t come into conflict with another one. Remove those frequencies will be cleaner. I always cut the bass element of instruments which are not meant to be bass instruments.

9. Be carefull with EQ
“You should always aim to use EQ to improve an already wonderful sound. If the sound isn’t good without EQ, then you will never end up with anything but second best.” Adding EQ boost often adds noise. Listen carefully to arrive at the best compromise.

10. If not satisfied, mute everything and try to merge gradually
If you don’t like the sound of the track and don’t know exactly why, try muteing all the tracks, and go slowly mixing, trying to get the best sound on each step.

And always remember:

Use your skills and judgements!

Article by Diego Iglesias